All About Unemployment In India.

All About Unemployment In India.

  Unemployment what do we understand by this term? 

unemployment is a state where a particular individual is in a state of joblessness.

So when we talk about unemployment in India there are many things which are necessary to be talked about,

Recently the business standard has  published the NSSO
(NATIONAL SAMPLE SURVEY OFFICE) report on unemployment in India which says that the current unemployment rate in India is 6.1 which is very high and need to be worked.

When we look around don’t we see many individuals who are unemployed irrespective of any reason. 
So why this is happening, is it the government of the country which is failing to provide the resources to help them get the job or is some other reason.
All About Unemployment In India.

Let's talk about some facts-

In the recent report of Azim Premji university says that in the time period of 2013-2015 7 million jobs is shranked
And around 10 million individuals who are jobless are at least graduate and some even postgraduate and some Ph.D. holders.
It's huge that every year almost 1.5  crore individuals are introduced in the race of unemployment
And 4.5 almost 5 crore individuals are already registered unemployed.

Let's talk about some major issues which adversely affect the problem.


 On 8th November 2016, our respected prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced the policy of banning the older currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 100. This policy has many positive effects on the country but unfortunately has a very negative impact on the job opportunities in the country it leads to many reductions of small scale work and highly affected the small scale workers negatively, and the one who is self-employed is still in a shock.

  •  GST

GST also goods and service tax which is an indirect tax levied in India on the supply of goods and services it was basically introduced to remove all the middle party tax but has a very negative role on jobs middle-class workers suffered a lot because of the policy so it has a very role in the unemployment in India.

  •  RERA

RERA also known as real estate regulation and development act 2016 was actually was implemented to protect the interests  of home buyers in India but has a very negative  impact on the unskilled labors because according to this act the builders are ordered that they can not start a new project unless they complete their previous project and sell them first.


Agriculture has a very vital role in India a lot of jobs are generated from agriculture sector nut nowadays this field has become very unpopular and unattractive because of which the younger generation of farmers are shifting towards the other jobs because of which the competition in those fields are getting high which is leading to joblessness.

SOLUTION of Increasing Unemployment


As said by the someone that education is the weapon that can end any war if its needed, the literacy rate of India is around 74.04% and the literacy rate among the students is around 91%  so what is wrong with the system according to a report by ASER only 17% of Indians are deserving of professional job .
So it’s a clear indication that we need to work on our education system.
And according to the survey of the study standards, a student in 5th-grade cant read a book which is of 2nd grade
So clearly we need to focus on this field.


The population is a very issue in India as we all know India and 2nd in the most populated countries with almost
133 crores so for few vacancies, there are lot number of people so if we resolve this problem we can counter it properly.
Last policy on population control was introduced in the year 2000.
So it is now mandatory to make such policies.


As we have talked earlier about the ASER report about 17% of deserving people in India so to counter this problem the government should provide the proper skill which can counter the problem easily.


As we all know that a bigger portion of jobs come from agriculture so government should take necessary steps to improve this field
For eg,
To increase the availability of chemicals fertilizers at a cheaper rate
The govt. should fix a minimum wage rate on various crops every year
Encourage farmers to adopt mix farming etc. are some examples which the govt. can imply to get good results

There is a lot to talk about unemployment in India but we will finish here hope you like the information I shared with you.

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