Degrading Scientific Temperament in India.

4 days ago I got a Whatsapp forward that Hindi word for Geography is Bhugol which is the evidence that earlier Indian's know that Earth was round.

Then today I got another I got another forward that the dead birds are not falling onto the ground which means birds don't die but float up beyond the atmosphere.

Seeing all this and some earlier must know facts by more scientist less political leaders my inner self provoked me to write an article on all these.
Degrading Scientific Temperament in India
Scientific temper

Less Get some Overview 

  • Darwin's theory of Evolution is wrong.
  • Vedas Contain theories better than Einstein's E=MC².
  • The Internet existed in India at the time of Mahabharat.
  • Earlier Indian's were capable of performing Plastic Surgery and test tube babies or Vitro fertilization.
  • Aviation and space technology for interplanetary travel existed an astonishing 8000 year ago.
  • A cow is the only animal which Inhales and exhales Oxygen.
This all this not only limits to Science but also gulf into the social science arena like -:
  • The existence of the Saraswati River.
  • The claim of the existence of Ram Janam Bhumi.
  • Minorities are continuously increasing in number and one day would outnumber Majority.
  • Elite University, The Indian Institute of Technology has been told by the Ministry of Science and Technology to conduct "verifiable scientific research to establish the benefits derived from Panchagavya".
  • Indian Institute of Management is told to develop "Indian System of Management."
  • Now a list of Social Science research topic has been drawn up to establish positive outcomes of Government Programs.

When all this started

All this Talk about Ancestry, Indian Folk, Indian Society, Indian History and Indianness started 2¹/²  decade ago due to the origination of Hindutva ( India own particular brand of religious majoritarianism linked to a revanchist view of the origin of Indian State.)

The proponent of Hindutva, in view of their agenda of rewriting the entire ideological basis of contemporary India in the pursuit of their majoritarian vision of the future.

What does this Indicate

These all Indicate lack of Scientific temper among the people because the preachers of these thoughts are familiar with the very nature of the recipient (general public) as they all are engraved with the lack of Questioning and reasoning ability among them.

 So India needs to Invest in Scientific Temper especially among the young if we wish as a nation, to be a proud participating member of the world Scientific Knowledge.

And Government should accept the assessment of the Science Society and should increase the budget allocation to Science and Technology from 0.85% to 3%.

What is Scientific temper

Scientific temper inculcates values like equality and dignity of all human beings, distributive justice, the dignity of labor and social accountability of one's action and having a realistic attitude.

Article 51(h) of the constitution a part of Fundamental Duty said that "citizen should develop the Scientific Temper, Humanism and the Spirit of Inquiry and reform."

A connotation of Scientific Temper appears in many court judgment like-:
  • In Hulikal Nataraju V/S State of Karnataka on 13/9/2010 Court said that scientific temper is the sword which by rationalism could fight degrade all are? , Only by having the Scientific Temper in every one India could bunch new adventures.
  • Kumari Madhuri Patil's and Another v/s Addl. Commissioner, Tribal on 2/9/1994.
  • Avinash Nagar v/s Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti on 30/9/1996.
  • Parinda Milind Keer v/s Indian Oil Corporation Ltd on 19/7/2007.

History of India and Scientific Temper

Pundit Nehru once said in 1947 that "what his country required more than anything else was just that the Scientific Temper that can solve the problems of hunger and poverty , insanitation and illiteracy of superstition and deadening custom and tradition , of vast resources running to waste , of a rich country inhabited by starving people ...who indeed could afford to ignore science today ? At every turn, we have to seek its aid ".

During Nehru, Indian Parliament adopted Scientific Policy Resolution, 1958 proclaiming the principles on which the growth of science and technology would be based and Government of India anticipated Science and Technology as the Chief Instrument for Social Transformation.

Later, a Society for the Promotion of Scientific Temper was launched in 1964 by Satish Dhawan, Abdur Rahaman, and P.M. Bhargava it's objective was to promote Scientific Temper in India.

On 2003 the then Government UPA- 1 passes Science and Technology policy, 2003 which ensure that the message of science reaches every citizen of India.

After that many attempts were made by independent activist to ensure Scientific Temper in the Country like Narendra Dabolkar who was a believer of evidence-based reasoning and non-acceptance of received wisdom regardless of from whom it came from , his contribution the Anti - Superstition Bill which drafted and ardently campaign for till it was adopted by Maharashtra assembly , focuses not only on silly everyday superstition but acknowledge black magic , fake remedies for ailment and health problems , human sacrifice and similar issues.
But unfortunately he was assigned by Hindutva forces and on 20/8/ 2018   All India People Science Network called as National Scientific Temper Day.


At last, Society has to read, Study and decide is this good or bad science on their own, that's how society develops. This is not happening in India and that's where my chief disappointed lies.

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