Sabarimala Temple Tragedy

Sabarimala Temple Tragedy

As to counter this in - equality with women on September 28 , 2018 , Supreme court Passed the Judgement which allows the entery of Women of all age group.
Sabarimala Temple Tragedy
Sabarimala Temple Tragedy

All about Sabrimala Temple

The Sabarimala Temple is one of the most famous Hindu Temple in India , located in the Pathanamthitta district in Kerala and managed by Travancore Devaswom Board.

The Sabrimala Temple is the shrine of Lord Ayyappan a " Naishtika Bramhachari " or a celibate for life.

As the lord Ayyappan is a ,Naishtika Bramhachari because of which Women belonging to the Menstruating age (between 10-50)  are not permitted to enter.

All about Supreme Court Judgement

  • Judges - The 5 judge constitution bench headed by CJI justice Deepak Mishra , in its 4:1 verdict said that it is Gender Discrimination and said that religion is a way of life basically to link life with divinity.
  • Biological Reason - It was a sad reality that a section of society was debared from getting inside the Sabrimala Temple because of  Menstrual cycle i.e Biological reasons.
  • Gender Equality - This verdict of allowing all categories of people inside the Sabrimala Temple was like winning a war against Gender.

Verdict Supporter Views 

  • Against Constitution - Debaring the women from entering the Sabrimala Temple was against Article 14 , 15 , 19 and 20 which are the Basic structure of the Constitution.
  • Patriarchy - Restrictions on Women to enter Sabrimala Temple was lineage of a Patriarchal Society.
  •  God - Banning entry to the temple subverts the idea of everyone being equal to God.
  • Article 25(2) - As the Restricted women appeal that this ban on entry of women of Menstrual age violates the Fundamental right to freely practice their religion.
  •  Earlier Judgement - in 2016 Shani Shingnapur temple allowed all the women to pray after the court declaration.

Critics Views 

  • Purity- Banning was maintained to because to maintain Purity
  • Celebacy - As lord Ayyappa was a Naishtika Bramhachari so preserve that the restriction is maintained.
  • Article15 - Article 15 don't mention Temple .
  •  Article 25 (2) - This only pertains to secular aspect not the gender aspect .


As after the judgement some women vows to maintain the purity and Celebacy nature of the Sabrimala Temple and don't go inside the Sabrimala Temple, so the decision to go inside the Sabrimala Temple should be left on the General Women and not should be forced upon them by any body.

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