Quota for General Category Poor

Quota For General Categry Poor.

The 10%  Reservation for the General Category Poor in Education and Jobs a  new benefit announced by  Center was Passed in the Lok Sabha and would be presented in the Rajya Sabha with a fair chance to be passed their because various Opposition Party's are supporting the same.
Quota For General Category Poor
Quota For General Category Poor

Various Provisions of the Quota for General Category Poor Bill.

  • This Quota for General Category Poor Bill would be very beneficial and is expected to benefit huge amount of Upper Class poor including The Thakurs , The Brahmins , The Jats , The Marathas , The Bhumihars and all other poor of General Category.
  • The Promise of 10% reservation would be Over and above the 50% for OBC , SC and ST Category.
  • The Government have to pass a Constitutional Amendment Bill  to push for 10% extra reservation.
  • This would benefit those classes that do not come under 50% quota .
  • The General Category peple Income should be as to be able to come in the Quota for General Category Poor jaibe should be below ₹800000 per annum ( Includes agriculture as well as profession ) .
  • Also it should be that the beneficiary of the Quota for General Category Poor should be below 5 acre.
  • To become a beneficiary of this Quota for General Category Poor the person should have house below 10000 sq feet , as for urban area those with residential plot below 100 yards in notified Municipality or residential plot below 200 yards in non - notified Municipal are eligible for the Quota.

Problem with the Quota for General Category Poor are -:

  • RSS ideology - BJP parent organisation the RSS always supported the reservation as per Economic Background not as per Caste.
  • Political Card - As the bill come 100 days before the election so this might question the intent of The 10% Quota for General Category Poor.
  • Reservation Motive - As the Reservation was introduced in the constitution to correct historical injustice faced by these Dalits , OBC , SC , ST .
  • Supreme Court Judgement - The 50% Limit was set by SC 1992 judgement in Indra Sawhey case .
  • Survey - According to various Data source and survey the Eligibility Criteria for Quota for General Category Poor is applicable to 90% of the Indias Population.
  • Poor but rich - The Tax provision of the Government demand Tax from the person who earn more than 2.75 lakh but now the Government is describing all the person whose family income is below 8 lakh as Economically weeker section and Providind Reservation , so if the person is Economically week then why the Government is charging Tax.

What Should be done ?

  • 1 time use - We should ensure that this reservation should be used only one time by a person i.e if he uses it in Colledge then he can't use it in job , this would increase the width of the beneficiary of reservation.
  • Elementary school - The IHDS shows among children aged 8-11 , 68% general categories can go to school , 56% in OBC , 45% in SC and 40% in ST this shows that their is a social inequality in Elementary level so we should direct our focus that side and reduce thinking about College Admissions and Job.

As to accomplish this 124 amendment in the Constitution to accomplish this which provides 10% reservation for Economically weaker section and add new clause to Article 15 and 16 of the Constitution.

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