Lok Sabha passed The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill , 2016

Lok Sabha passed The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill , 2016

On January 8, 2019 the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill ,2016 has passed in Lok Sabha which amends the Citizenship Act , 1955 to grant Indian Nationality to Hindu's , Sikhs ,Buddhists , Jain's , Parsis and Christians.

Lok Sabha passed The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill , 2016
Lok Sabha passed The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill , 2016

What is The Citizenship (Amendment )Bill,2016

Part II of Indian Constitution deals with all the matters of Citizenship in India but simultaneously various laws like The Citizenship Act , 1955 which regulates who may acquire Indian Citizenship and on what grounds.
The Citizenship Act , 1955 says that to become an Indian Citizen " The person should be born in India or have Indian Parentage or have resided in the country over a period of time etc. "  But illegal migrant are the major problem and Prohibited according to the Law, but in 2015 - 2016 , the Central Government issued a bill which exempt certain groups of Illegal Migrants which belongs are Hindu's , Sikh , Buddhist , Jain  , Parsis , and Christians from India's neighbouring Countries i.e Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Pakistan who arrived in India on or before December  31 , 2014 , "because they are minority in their own country". 

Features and Provisions of The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill , 2016

  • Amendment - The Bill amended the Citizenship Act, 1955.
  • Eligibility - According to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill,2016 -the person belonging to the 6 minority communities from our Pakistan, Afghanistan  ,Banglades before 31 December 2014 are eligible for Citizenship of India .
  • Citizenship by Naturalisation - Bill relax this Citizenship by Naturalisation requirement of 11 years to 6 month.
  • Cancellation of Registration of OCI ( overseas citizens of India ) cardholder according to The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill,2016.- The recent Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 add more ground of Cancellation that is if the OCI has violated any law in the country.

Problem with The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016

  • Equality - The Bill violates the Article 14 , Fundamental Right of Equality which is the Basic structure of the constitution because it only allow certain groups of minorities but forgot to include Jews , Muslim,  Atheist and other minorities.
  • OCI  cardholder - As the bill Includes one more ground for the cancellation of OCI card which is violation of any law of the Country i.e the offence with lesser penalty ( like jumping red light)  committed after 5 years of Registration could be covered under the Citizenship ( Amendment) Bill, 2016.
  • Citizenship by Naturalisation - This bill can hamper the acquiring procedure of the Citizenship for these 6 group hampering the population structure of the Country.
  • Eligibility - The Bill allows the Person who was illegally living in India as a legal citizen .
  • BJP hidden Agenda - The Bill satisfied the BJP'S hidden agenda to make India a Hindu Rashtr and divide citizens of India Communally.
  • Assam Accord - The Bill violates the Clause 6 Assam Accord which protects and preserve Political rights , ethnic identity , culture , literary and other right of the states states indiginious people.
  • Government Statement - Recently during Rohingya Crisis the Government said that they don't want to become the Refugee Capital of the world but now they are implementing the same.

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