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The Sajjan Kumar Verdict

At last Sajjan Kumar a main accused in 1984 Sikh massacre got life Imprisonment .

" No one can escape, from the verdict of time since it is beyond the reach of worldly power."

The 1st Indian women Prime Minister Smt Indra Gandhi was Assassinated was her own Bodyguards who were incidentally Sikh and after that the whole massacre happened .

Reasons for the assassination -: 

During 1980s the Khalistan Movement was on its great swing and preached all over by the Sikh Separatist leaders , during the same period President of Akali Dal party Harchand Singh Longowal invited Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale a Separatist leader to the Golden Temple, Amritsar, as to live their and make it a temporary shelter where but Jarnail Singh made it his Base camp and Headquarter .

After the formation of Headquarter in Golden Temple he started his Separatist activities as against which Operation Bluestar  was proclaimed .

Operation Bluestar is an Indian Military Operation whose goal was to take out the Separatist  from the Golden temple Peramiss but the military face a stiff resistance from the Militant and unfortunately a tank have to be taken into duty to get the Separatist out.

The functioning of tank inside the temple Peramiss intensified the Khalistan Movement resulting to assassination of the Prime Minister Smt Indra Gandhi.
Justice to Sikhs - Arthashastra
Justice to Sikhs - Arthashastra

After Assassination

- One 31 Oct when the President of India Zail Singh arrived in AIIMS where Indra Gandhi was admitted he has to face anger of the Public and people also throw stones on him.
- 31 Oct Night and 1st Nov  Morning Congress Leaders met their Supporters and provided them money and weapons. eg - MP Sajjan Kumar and trade union leader Lalit Maken provided them ₹100 notes and liquor .
- Only in Delhi more then 3000 Sikhs were killed and all over India this no reached to more then 8000-17000.
- Many Congress leader Organised mass killing of Sikhs.

Role of Sajjan Kumar 

- November 1,1984 Sajjan Kumar was seen in many places ralling like Kiran Garden , Palam, Sultanpuri etc and in Kiran Garden he was witnessed providing iron rods to 120 people's.
- In Sultanpuri Moti Singh ( a Sikh and a member of Congress) herd Sajjan Kumar that who ever will kill those son of the snakes will get gifts and whoever will kill Roshan Singh  and Bagh Singh will get ₹5000 and any other Sikh will get ₹1000.
- CBI told the Court that Sajjan Kumar said that no Sikh should be alive .

Courts Judgements

- Delhi High court in its 2009 judgement said " Though we boost of being the world's largest democracy and the Delhi being it's capital , the sheer mention of the incident of 1984 Anti - Sikh riots in General and the role played by Delhi Police and State Machinery in perticular makes our head hang in shame in the eyes of world polity".
- In Delhi 442 people faces Court custody in which 49 got life Imprisonment and 3 got more then 10 years imprisonment.
- 6 Delhi Police official got suspended for carelessness.
- Then the court aquited Sajjan Kumar but in 2018 got life Imprisonment.
- 1st capital punishment was given to Yashpal Singh.

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