Indian Child Care in Crisis - Arthashastra

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After the revealation sexual abuse of  Balika Griha at Muzaffarpur    where 29 inmates were regularly sexually abused and if the try to protest they were killed . A home ment for protection and rescue from exploitation itself turned into a den of predation.

Indian Child Care in Crisis - Arthashastra
Indian Child Care in Crisis - Arthashastra

The shocking rot in the management of such shelter has now been reported by Central Government Committee report  named Mapping Exercise of Child Care Institution   which throws light on a critical component of Juvenile Justice System i.e Child Care Institution across the Country .

This is the most comprehensive data because earlier reports only consist of data of 2135 Child Care Homes but the latest report includes all the Child Care Institution except 34 in UP.

This report includes all the Child Care Institution i.e 9589 except 34 in Uttar Pradesh.

The report Includes Both Quantitative and Qualitative data of all the Child care Institutions in India and says the following -:

  1. Quantitative analysis

  • Registration -Under the Juvenile Justice Act ,2015 only 

    - 32%(3071) Child Care Institution were registered.        -  15%(1487) applied for registration  .
    -  16.5% (1585) were registered under other scheme .
    -  Remaining 33% were un- registered.
  • Categories -Out of all Child Care Institution mapped 
   - 66.4%(6368) are Children Homes .
        - 3.9% ( 373) are shelter homes
        - 3.5% (366) are Specialised Adoption Agency
        - 26.2% (2512) are other

  • Management -Out of total Child Care Institution runed
- 91%(8744) are run or managed by Non Government       Organisations.
      - 9% are managed by  Government Support.

  • Number -Number of Child Care Institution as per states 
       - Tamil Nadu has Highest Number of Child Care                  Institution 1647.
       - Maharashtra has 2nd Highest Number of Child               Care Institution 1284.
       -  Kerala has 3rd Highest Number of Child Care                 Institution 1242.
       Together these three states constituted 4173 (                     43.5%) of total Child Care Institution in India.   

All other required data are as follows -:

  2.Qualitative Data

       The Problems with the Child Care Institution             are -:

  • Regulation - Unregistered Child Care Institution are un regulated as 33% are un registered , and highest number in Sikkim (96%) followed by Haryana (73.42%).
  • Concentration - Maximum number of Child Care Institution are concentrated in small are .eg - 93% of child care instructions in Bihar are situated in the distance of less then 10 km from District Headquarters.
  • Category - Categories of Child Registered in Child Care Institution are Orphan , Abandoned , Surrender ,Sexually Abused , Victims of Child Pornography , Trafficked for Domestic Work as well as labour and commercial sexual exploitation , Victims of Child Marriage , Child affected by HIV/ AIDS , Natural Disaster affected , Homeless , Runaway / Missing , Mentally and Physically challenge.
  • Single Cause - It was found that a single cause was more pertinent in one state i.e maximum children in a perticular state are of a single cause. eg - In Arunachal Pradesh 80% of children consist of orphan .
  • Staff -  Adequacy of Staff i.e sufficiency of staff which was also low because only 1.2 % of Child Care Institution in Sikkim have adequate staff and highest adequacy was reported by Delhi which was  22.8% .
  • Infrastructure - lack of infrastructure in Child Care Institution because 10% of CCI home across country do not have separate toilet .
  • Documentation - Documentation and record keeping are not taken very seriously. eg - Child Medical Examination Report with relevant details of the Child should be immediately uploaded online in the server but half don't adhere to this.
  • Transparency - All Child Care Institution should be regularly audited but only average of 57.5% of Child Care Institution submit a copy of Audited Account to competent authority and limitations in financial transparency and do not have necessary system for monitoring financial records.
  • Coordination - Child Care Institution home have to be actively involved in networking cordinacoord with various professional , instInstitut and community based organisation that have expertise in the concern area to provide a wide range of services to children but very less Child Care Institution adhere to this because only 33.2 % have mental health linkedge , 38.3% have educational services linkedge and 27% have vocational training linkedge.
Indian Child Care in Crisis - Arthashastra
Indian Child Care in Crisis - Arthashastra


  • Representation -  There should be adequate representation of Different Category of Child Care Institution under Juvenile justice act , 2015.
  • Registeration - All Child Care Institution should be Registered.
  • Child Protection Policy - This policy must be adopted by every child care Institution and should be signed by every staff .
  • Human Resources - There should be adequate and trained Human resources available in every child care Institution.
  • Record keeping and Documentation - There should be Regular inspection of records by relevant authorities.
  • Ensure compliance with procedure - Regular and efficient monitoring of SAA by the SARA to ensure that all adoption are legal.
  • Networking and Linking - There should be adequate and proper linkedge with external agencies and experts.
  • Transparency - State wise intervention by respective Government to regularise Finance , Monitoring Transaction and bring transparency.
As to protect Child Rights in India we should Comply on the above suggestion and follow Juvenile Justice Act,2015 and Juvenile justice ( care and protection of Children) model rule , 2016.

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