CBI in Crisis

CBI in Crisis

On January 8 The Supreme Court Judgement on "CBI v/s CBI " case was in favour of Mr. Alok Verma and said that the CVC and Central Government had acted outside their jurisdiction in divesting Mr. Verma.
CBI in Crisis
CBI in Crisis

Why the Crisis ?

During the Month of October, 2018 the CVC with the Central Government
This was a Unique Incident and raise Questions on 3 legal instructions

  1. Delhi Special Police Establishment (DSPE) Act, The mother act of CBI.
  2. CVC act
  3. The Judgement on Vineet Narayan.

Background of CBI Crisis.

A report suggests that Mr. Asthana should go on leave because of the Charge of Corruption and Falsification of Records. This FIR filed by CBI against one of its own official was an indication of escalating turf war inside the agency. 

Prior to this accusion Mr. Astana had filed a case against CBI director Mr. Alok Verma .

CBI debied the acquisition  against Mr. Verma and accused Mr. Astana for trying to intimidate officials probing his case .


What law Says

  • DSPE - DSPE says that CBI Director had a guaranteed , two - year tenure and could not be transferred without the Consent of High Powered Committee consisting of the Prime Minister , Leader of the Opposition and Chief Justice of India.
  • Vineet Narayan Case - In this case Supreme Court said that the Director of CBI should be protected from Political Influence and on this the Director faces Political Influence.
  • CVC act - According to CVC Act , 2003 the CBI and CVC are independent powerhouse so no one can force other.
As all this laws and verdict are smashing with each other resulting in Crisis in CBI .

All the Supreme Court  Hearing

  • 1st Hearing - Court Directed that the CVC should finish it's pending investigation against Mr. Verma under the supervision of retired Supreme Court Judge.
  • 2nd Hearing - Court received the CVC report in a sealed cover, and allowed Mr. Verma to respond.
  • 3rd Hearing - Court passed a cryptic order stating that for reason that need not be recorded we are not inclined to afford the parties a hearing today, and adjourned.
  • 4th Hearing - The Chief Justice was annoyed that some of the content of the sealed cover had been leaked.
  • 5th Hearing - The court was listed for hearing final argument .
  • 6th Hearing - The Court finally delivered it's Judgement.
All these 6 hearing takes approximately 2.5 month to complete.

Result of This Crisis

  • Credibility - This incident build lack of confidence against CVC and CBI .
  • Centralisation - This Crisis in CBI indicates the Government intent for Centralisation of powers by the Government.
  • Country - This Crisis could hamper the image of India in International forums .

What the PM led High Powered Committee do

The PM led High Powered Committee on 10th january 2019 removed the CBI Director Mr.Alok Verma a day after supreme court verdict and appointment Nageswara Rao as the new CBI Director  .

After reading all this What image of CBI generates in your mind ?comment below .

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